The energies invested over the coming years will lead to and improvements to a number of aspects of the park: its ecological integrity, the cultural integrity through presentation of its human history, the experiences of park visitors, and the state of species at risk. All these initiatives will create a synergy that will promote an emotional, intellectual and spiritual connection to La Mauricie National Park among the population, thus ensuring the park's continued existence.

See the park management plan who presents the priorities to protect and reinforce the park's ecological integrity and diversify the recreational and educational experiences offered to park visitors.

Note that between now and 2020, the Government of Canada is undertaking the largest infrastructure investment in Parks Canada’s history to protect sites that are precious to us and to ensure their future. At La Mauricie National Park, the funds being invested in visitor infrastructure will ensure the quality and reliability of the activities offered and will enable everyone to get closer to nature. Click here for details.