Lakes and forests are fabulous playgrounds for experienced outdoor lovers as well as urban visitors. There’s no shortage of opportunities for activities - whether you come with the family or a group of friends, everybody will find the adrenaline surge they seek. It’s the perfect place to relax far from the bustle of the city!

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The video starts with a fast foward footage of a road that snakes through the a forest. [Title: La Mauricie National Park]

A family gets out of an oTENTik, then go to the La Mauricie National Park's visitor centre where they look for their next destination on a map.

Two young adults paddle in a canoe on a lake in a summer day.

The goup explore a trail in the woods up to a water fall where they stop to take a bath.

Two of them are in bike. They cross a bridge while getting down a hill.

We are back in the canoes while the sun is setting.

The party finally arrives to the camp, cook some food, admire the sunset and chat around the fire.

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  • A little family laying in a Parks Canada oTENTik tent.

    ​Enjoy the fun of camping while sleeping in a real bed.

    Parks Canada oTENTik tents are the best compromise between a tent and a chalet. With its canvas roof, wooden frame and floor, it fits in perfectly with the glamping trend.

  • Four friends roast marshmallows over a campfire.

    ​Canoe and camping, the perfect stay!

    What's the ideal family vacation? Canoe-camping on the shores of Wapizagonke Lake with a private beach, picnics and marshmallows toasted over the fire!

  • In a trail, a child and a naturalist observe nature.

    ​Be naturally curious!

    Meet the naturalists to enhance your visit of La Mauricie National Park. Join our free activities to admire the extensive richness of this protected area. Let a passionate team guide you in discovering lakes, woodlands, plants and animals.

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