As of June 1, La Mauricie National Park began a gradual reopening of some outdoor areas, facilities and services. Please check our website regularly for the current status of this location and others.

Created in 1970, La Mauricie National Park protects and restores ecological integrity for current and future generations. Parks Canada recognizes the importance of the work done in the past by the park’s founders, as well as the vital contributions of all the employees who have shared their expertise and passion over the past 50 years. This anniversary is also an opportunity to thank all the visitors, collaborators and partners who visit and enjoy La Mauricie National Park and contribute to its mission.

A meaningful image

Around the number 50 are images that represent the diversity of La Mauricie National Park’s ecosystem. For example, some protected species such as the wood turtle, the loon and the brook trout are depicted. The human history of the land, both ancient and modern, is symbolized by the handprint and the skier.

50 years of human nature



50 years - 1970-2020.

A beaver logo appears on screen.
"La Mauricie National Park, 50 years" appears on a wide shot of a lake criss-crossing a giant park.
Someone is paddling a canoe. A great blue heron flies above the surface of the water.
The camera flies over a body of water edged by evergreens. Several canoeists paddle across a lake.
Mist covers a body of water, caressing a docked canoe.
"Celebrate with us half a century of conservation, experiences and memories" appears on screen. appears,followed by the Parks Canada logo.
Copyright Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada represented by Parks Canada, 2019 appears, followed by the Government of Canada logo.