What to know before you visit

Parks Canada is investing $ three billion over five years to rehabilitate infrastructure assets within national historic sites, national parks, and national marine conservation areas across Canada.

This historic investment supports a memorable visitor experience and improves our infrastructures’ security and appeal.

Please review the section below to see if any facility or road work might have an impact on your trip at Forillon National Park. 

Infrastructure Projects in Forillon National Park

Work that may affect visitors

North area

  • The Information and Discovery centre is being completely renovated and as a result will be closed for the entire 2019 season. A temporary information desk has been set up.
  • Prélude-à-Forillon trail and the site next to the Cap-des-Rosiers harbour (dock, land and beach close to the southern breakwater) are inaccessible for the 2019 season as they are located within the Information and Discovery Centre’s work site.
  • The road just before the Cap-Bon-Ami parking lot will be open to traffic in alternating directions.

South area
  • Because of work on a culvert between L’Anse-Saint-Georges and L’Anse-aux-Amérindiens, there is only one lane for vehicular traffic and you must yield the right of way.

Projects in progress

Renovation and updates transforming the Interpretation Centre into an Information and Discovery Centre
Closed for the 2019 season - At the end of the project, the Information and Discovery Centre will be an activities and services hub in the North Area. Once finished, it will house an interactive exhibition, a store, equipment rentals, laundry services, catering services and much more!

Rehabilitation works at the Cap-des-Rosiers harbour
This project is almost complete. The south jetty has been reconstructed. However, the site beside the Cap-des-Rosiers harbour (dock, land and beach close to the southern breakwater) is inaccessible due to the work at the Information and Discovery Centre.

Reconstruction of the operations centre
For the next few years, all Forillon National Park employees will be located on one site, which will facilitate inter-team communications and the coordination of work, so that we can provide even more efficient services.

Updated information onFacebook/ForillonNP

Among our projects 

Rehabilitation of Petit-Gaspé service buildings and Des-Rosiers campsite buildings

Bâtiment de services

For your comfort, the Petit-Gaspé service buildings and the Des-Rosiers campsite building have been renovated. These buildings were finalists in two categories for the Centre d’expertise sur la construction commerciale en bois Prix d’Excellence: architectural details for sustainability and institutional buildings under 1,000 m2.

Restoration of the Blanchette buildings

The famous house, the barn, and the cod store have been completely restored in the style and materials of the original buildings. The artefacts displayed in these buildings have also been restored. 

Reconstruction of the stairs at Cap-Bon-Ami

Come and admire the view! The staircase down to the beach at Cap-Bon-Ami now includes several different levels to facilitate circulation and to increase the security of visitors by reducing the incline of the slope.

Restoration of the Grande-Grave wharf

A vestige of a time when cod fishing was the area’s greatest economic strength, the Grande-Grave wharf, whose eastern jetty has been restored, is now home to several different activities.

Restoration of the Cap-des-Rosiers beach - Du Banc trail

Ta-da! In addition to providing several access points to the beach, Du Banc trail includes several different amenities: wooden footbridges, a lookout tower, a picnic area, and interpretation panels.

Restoration of the Joseph Gavey House

Following restoration works, Joseph Gavey House, which is more than 150 years old, is now standing straight. Hikers can access the surrounding area of heritage buildings.

For information :
External Relations, Gaspésie Field Unit, Parks Canada 

Telephone: 418-368-5505