What to know before you visit

As it had been announced in 2015, Parks Canada is investing $3 billion over five years to rehabilitate infrastructure assets within national historic sites, national parks, and national marine conservation areas across Canada. This historic investment supports conservation while promoting visitor experience and making our infrastructure safer and more appealing to visitorsexperience and making our infrastructure safer and more appealing to visitors.

When visiting or driving through Forillon National Park, you may encounter one or more  construction zones or reduced services while we complete this important work. Please plan ahead before you travel to avoid inconvenience.

Parks Canada must take immediate action to improve a large part of its infrastructure. Repair, rehabilitation and restoration projects will be carried out as part of this historic investment. Visitors will thus be able to benefit from an experience that is both thought-provoking and safe, as well as magnificent vistas, and a pleasant commute on Route 132, the park's main roadway.

Please review the section below to see if any road or facility work might have an impact on your trip.

Infrastructure Projects in Forillon National Park

Work that may affect visitors

  • Partial closure of Cap-des-Rosiers Beach
    Spring 2017 to Spring 2018, due to the beach restoration project.
  • Refurbishment of service buildings
    From January 8, 2018 and until this spring, the access to the South sector (on the road beyond the gate) will be limited to authorized persons Monday to Friday and allowed to visitors on Saturdays and Sundays only. For more information, please visit the Visitor Safety section

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Projects description  

Reconstruction work in Cap-des-Rosiers Harbour

A $11.3 M investment
Phase 1 : Upgrading the bassin at Cap-des-Rosiers Harbour. This work is designed to create an environment conducive to outings, in particular by promoting interaction between fishers and visitors and by offering opportunities for new experiences, such as a discovery cruise in the North Area. This work stream has now been completed.
Phase 2 : Major reconstruction work in Cap-des-Rosiers Harbour, including dredging of the harbour, reconstruction of the piers, the lighting system and sidewalks, reconstruction of the access roads and picnic shelters, construction of a floating pontoon and boardwalk providing easier access for visitors. 

Upgrading of campsites

A $448 K investment
As part of work redeveloping Loop A at the Petit-Gaspé campground, sites have been reconfigured so as to accommodate bigger recreational vehicles (RVs). Electric and water hook-ups have been provided. Vegetation management work has been conducted. Work is now completed. 

Inspection of road bridges and footbridges

A $700 K investment
Several infrastructures are also slated for upgrading. The objective was to protect and repair bridge decks and abutments, as well as shores. Inspection is now completed. 

Inspection and Reconstruction of the Wastewater Treatment Systems

A $513 K investment
Inspection of Forillon Park's main wastewater treatment systems, replacement of the Des-Rosiers campsite dumping station and the design of a new wastewater treatment system to service a future services building at the park's entrance.

Reconstruction and Upgrading of the Interpretation Centre

A $7.2 M investment
The interpretation centre located in the northern sector will be renovated. Improvements will be made to the building’s configuration in order to optimize the services at the visitor centre and to enhance the service offer to visitors.

Restoration of the Heritage Infrastructures Used by Visitors in the Grande-Grave sector

A $2.4 M investment
The project involves the reconstruction and restoration of 13 heritage infrastructures in the Grande-Grave sector. These infrastructures, used by visitors, are at the core of the cultural, historical and natural activities offered.

Refurbishment of the Joseph-Gavey house

A $721K investment
The works include the repair of the foundations, the stabilization and reinforcement of the structure, the repair of the roof and the building’s exterior.

Rehabilitation of the Paved Roads

A $4.7 M investment
This project involves resurfacing and repairing the roadway in the South sector and the Cap-Bon-Ami Road, as well as the Penouille and Cap-Bon-Ami parking lots.

Reconstruction of the Operational Centre

A $8.4 M investment
The project involves the reconstruction of the Forillon National Park operational complex, the design of a new layout to improve operational and energy efficiency and to provide improved and secure access, and the demolition or disposal of residual buildings.

Rehabilitation of service buildings

A $6 M investment
The project involves the renovation of 10 service buildings in the three campgrounds (Petit-Gaspé, Des-Rosiers and Cap-Bon-Ami). The work will cover the exterior, doors and windows, porches, interiors (including toilets and showers) and foundations for some cases.

Rehabilitation of the belvedere and the staircase of Cap-Bon-Ami

A $982 K investment
The project involves the rehabilitation of the retaining wall and the replacement of railings over the wall, planned from November 2017 to May 2018. The project also involves to rebuild the staircase of the Cap-Bon-Ami beach, scheduled from September 2018 to May 2019.

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