Stay safe and protect wildlife by following these simple rules:

  • Put anything that might attract wildlife in a closed, secure place* (such as a car or bear-proof container) whenever you’re away or asleep.
  • Put all your garbage and recyclables in the bins at the camp service buildings.
  • Never cook or leave anything with a smell in a tent, tent trailer, or oTENTik tent.
  • Don’t dump dishwater or water you’ve cooked in on your campsite. Use the sink in the camp service building.
  • Make sure no garbage and nothing with a smell ever goes into your fire pit. Fire pits are not garbage disposals.
  • Fires are only allowed in park fire pits.
  • Always check the fire hazard index for possible fire bans before you light a fire.
  • Unattended fires are prohibited. Never leave a fire unattended.

*Tents, tent trailers, and oTENTik tents are NOT secure storage spaces.


Wildlife attractants include the following:

  • Coolers (full or empty)
  • Food, even in closed containers
  • Bottles and cans
  • Dishes, cutlery, and cooking utensils
  • Pet food and bowls
  • Anything used for food preparation
  • Lotions and toothpaste
  • Garbage