Most of the typical animal species associated with the boreal forest are present in the park; of that number, several lend themselves well to observation.


Forty-three species of mammals inhabit the park, including the moose, black bear, porcupine, woodchuck, beaver, red fox, lynx, ermine (short-tailed weasel), snowshoe hare and red squirrel, as well as a variety of smaller mammals (e.g., mice, voles, bats, etc.) that are just as important for maintaining ecological balance.


The park is also home to an abundance of terrestrial birds – i.e., no fewer than 246 species, including 125 of the nesting variety. The woods and fields are frequented by smaller birds, such as sparrows, warblers, jays, woodpeckers and thrushes, not to mention several species of raptors.


The park’s aquatic environment consists of five small lakes and a dense network of brooks and streams, home primarily to brook trout. However, the threespine stickleback, the American eel and Atlantic salmon number among the fish species that either inhabit this environment or have been sighted in it. Fishing in fresh water (ponds, lakes, rivers, creeks, etc.) is prohibited in the park.

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