At Parks Canada, we do our very best to offer our “explorer” visitors a memorable experience. That is why we set up a special nation-wide program designed with these young people in mind. A whole array of fun, educational activities will enable them to explore the natural and historical treasures of each park.

Xplorers Booklet (for children aged 6 to 11 years)

The Xplorers booklet contains a range of activities – each one more fun than the next – that will take you around to different points in Forillon National Park. You’ll find it is a real source of inspiration for orienting your family’s visit!

A surprise for each explorer!
All young explorers who have completed at least three of the booklet’s proposed activities before the end of their visit will get a surprise. Show your booklet at the the Penouille or Anse-au-Griffon Visitor Centres, the Hyman & Sons General Store or the Blanchette House.

Xplorers Booklet

Upon arriving at Forillon Park, children and teens may request their Xplorers Booklet at one of the following locations:

  • Penouille or Anse-au-Griffon Visitor Centres
  • Hyman & Sons General Store
  • Dolbel-Roberts House
  • Blanchette House