As of June 1, Forillon National Park began a gradual reopening of some outdoor areas, facilities and services. Please check our website regularly for the current status of this location and others.

Love biking? So does Forillon! With plenty of trails to choose from, there’s bound to be one that’s right up your alley.


Hybrid Bikes

Four of Forillon’s hiking trails are open to hybrid bikes. They’re mostly gravel. You can also bike along the secondary roads in the northern and southern sectors of the park.

Easy Trails

Penouille Trail

Length: 4 km (round trip)
Level of difficulty: Easy – perfect for families with beginner riders
Type of terrain: Flat, partially paved, with a wood footbridge
Starting point: Penouille parking lot

This trail runs along a fantastic beach (perfect for swimming), a tidal marsh, and a forest grove. At the tip of the peninsula, you’ll find a picnic area with a playground—an idyllic spot for a rest!

La Vallée

Length: 9.2 km (round trip)
Level of difficulty: Easy
Type of terrain: Gravel and dirt trail, runs through a forest. Stay alert: You may be startled by wildlife—and it may be startled by you!
Starting point: Sentier Le Portage parking lot at L’Anse-au-Griffon

This trail runs along the peaceful Anse au Griffon River and connects with the Le Portage trail. Take a break at the rest area located midway along the trail and soak up the natural beauty.  

Intermediate Trails

Road from L’Anse-aux-Amérindiens to Cap-Gaspé

Length: 8 km (round trip)
Level of difficulty: Intermediate
Type of terrain: Wide gravel and dirt trail with a long hill at the end
Starting point: L’Anse-aux-Amérindiens parking lot

Bikes are not allowed on “Les Graves” hiking trail (the two paths meet several times) or on the trail that runs down the cliff near the lighthouse.

This trail runs along Gaspé Bay through forests and flowering meadows overlooking the ocean. Wildlife sightings are a regular occurrence, so keep your eyes peeled! You might spot a black bear, porcupine, whale, or any number of other creatures on land or at sea.Once you’ve reached the tip of the Forillon Peninsula (the ends of the earth!), you can picnic near the Cap-Gaspé lighthouse while looking out over the vast Gulf of St. Lawrence. 

Le Portage

Length: 20 km (round trip)
Level of difficulty: Intermediate
Type of terrain: Wide gravel and dirt trail, several hills
Starting points: The parking lot near the operational centre and the parking lot for Le Portage trail, at L’Anse-au-Griffon

This trail runs along the forest and past overgrown fields that are perfect for observing wildlife, including black bears. There’s a picnic area midway along the trail that’s perfect for resting and having a bite to eat.  

Mountain Bikes

The sole Forillon Park hiking trail open to mountain bikes has plenty of terrain to satisfy even expert riders. Just don’t forget the right of way: Cyclists must always yield to horseback riders and hikers. 

Difficult Trail

Les Lacs

Length: 36.5 km (round trip)
Level of difficulty: Difficult – for expert mountain bikers
Type of terrain: Narrow, winding trail, many natural obstacles, steep hills and bog sections that are often muddy
Starting points: The parking lot near the operational centre and the Route 197 parking lot

Caution: the trail is also used by horseback riders

The trail runs up to the Forillon summits and past a number of small lakes. Take a break at one of the lookouts—the views are simply stunning! There’s an overnight shelter for visitors who want to camp out in the backcountry (registration required).