Are you more a nature person than a culture person, or vice versa? Maybe you’re a little bit of both! Let our enthusiastic interpreters guide you through your discovery of Forillon’s treasures!

Spring activities

Tout savoir sur l’ours noir : sortie faunique guidée (activity in French)

June 11, 17 and 19, 2019, from 7 am to 11 am 

Discover the legendary American black bear and take the opportunity to debunk some myths about it along the way.

Participants must register for activity at least one day in advance.
Fee-based activity: $22 per person 
Maximum of 10 participants per activity 
Tickets are available at the North and South Area entrances of the Park
Duration: 4 hours
7.5 km hike, intermediate level
Information: Bruce O'Connor, 418-360-5949

Summer activities (June 24 to August 17)

Evening activities

Evenings get lively at Forillon! (activity in French)
Time and location vary. Check park bulletin boards for schedule details. Program features: talks, guided activities and campfire storytelling!


Ça grouille à Penouille (activity in French)

With both feet in the water, discover the plants and animals that have taken up residence on the sandy surface of a genuine underwater meadow! Water shoes recommended.

July 6 and 13, August 3 and 17 : 10:30 am
June 29, July 27, August 10 : 1:30 pm
Meeting point: Penouille Information and Visitor Centre
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes 


La grange Blanchette s'anime (activity in French)

Join our larger-than-life cast of characters for a fun afternoon rollicking reels, hilarious stories and other forilloneries of the kind. Let the good times roll!
2:00 pm
Meeting point: Blanchette House
Duration : 1 hour 15 minutes



La vie du bord de mer (activity in French)

But what could possibly live in such a world of pebbles? And in those swimming pools carved into the rock itself? Discover the life on the seashore. We recommand you wear appropriate footwear because the rocks can be slippery.

July 29, August 12:  9:00 am
July 1 and 15:  10:30 am
July 8 and 22, August 5:  1:30 pm
Meeting point: Recreation centre parking lot, South Area
Duration : 1 hour 15 minutes



Destination Land's End!

Set out and reach mythical Cap-Gaspé – land’s end! Along the way, you’ll discover some mind-boggling natural and cultural treasures. The hike is guided along the outbound segment only.

10 am (In French)
1 pm (In English)
Meeting point : L’Anse-aux-Amérindiens picnic area
Duration: 3 hours



Entendu à l'église (activity in French)

There was a time when the church played a key role in the lives of people. It was an ideal place for exchanging news, a bit of gossip and some tall tales.

10:00 am
Meeting point: St-Peter’s Church, near the recreation centre
Duration : 1 hour 15 minutes


Garde à vous! (activity in french)

The year: 1942. The place: Fort Peninsula, a coastal defence battery located on Forillon’s southern side shore. Your mission: protect Gaspé Bay and the Allied ships from enemy threat. Would you be able to defend them? 

10:00 am
Meeting point : Fort Peninsula
Duration : 1 hour 15 minutes


Les secrets de la roche (activity in french)

A landscape that came into being at the bottom of an ocean, fossils of animals that lived there 500 million years ago. The rocks of Forillon really have a number of secrets to share.

10 am
Meeting point Cap-Bon-Ami picnic area
Duration : 1 hour 15 minutes

Fall activities (August 18 to October 5)

Every evenings

The Beaver's Turf (activity in French. Bilingual on Sundays and Thursdays)

The beaver, that hardworking builder, invites you to enter his own little world. 
Wear sturdy shoes or hiking boots, and bring along a flashlight. 

August 18 to 31 : 5:30 pm
September 1 to 14 : 5:00 pm
September 15 to October 5 : 4:30 pm
Meeting point: “Le Castor” parking lot (near the North Entrance)
Duration: 1 hour 15 mins


Sur la trace de l'orignal (activity in French)

September 21, 22, 28 and 29 from 1 pm to 5 pm

Enjoy a foray into the habitat of the king of our forests! Accompanied by a park interpreter, you’ll discover all the particularities of North America’s largest land mammal! Who knows, maybe you’ll even be able to see one up close!

Registration required
Fee-based activity: $22 per person 
Maximum of 10 participants per activity
Tickets are available at the North and South Area entrances of the Park
Time: to be determined
Duration: 4 hours
7 km hike, intermediate level
Information: Bruce O'Connor, 418-360-5949

During Summer and Fall

Curious by nature! (June 24 to October5)

When you next come to Forillon, keep an eye out for our “Curious by Nature” mobile interpretation kiosk. The mission of the interpreter in the kiosk is to answer all your questions pertaining to the park’s animals, plants and landscapes. He or she carries about a satchel full of interpretation materials and games that young and old are sure to enjoy.