Are you more a nature person than a culture person, or vice versa? Maybe you’re a little bit of both! Let our enthusiastic interpreters guide you through your discovery of Forillon’s treasures!

Summer activities (from June 24 to August 20 2017)

Evening activities

Evenings get lively at Forillon! (activity in French)
Time and location vary. Check park bulletin boards for schedule details.
Program features: talks, guided activities and campfire storytelling!


Ça grouille à Penouille (activity in French)

On July 1, participate in the BioBlitz Canada 150 Challenge! Please consult our staff for event information and schedule. 

June 24, July 8 and 22, August 5, 12 and 19 at 10:30 am
July 15 and 29 at 1:30 pm
On July 1, participate in the BioBlitz 150 (please consult our staff or website for more details)
Meeting point: Penouille Information and Visitor Centre
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes 


La grange Blanchette s’anime! (activity in French)

Join our larger-than-life cast of characters for a fun afternoon of rollicking reels, hilarious stories and other forilloneries of the kind. Let the good times roll! 

2:00 pm
Meeting point: L'Anse-Blanchette
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes 


Creatures of the deep!

Get to know some of the creatures inhabiting the seabed surrounding Forillon Park. 

3:00 pm
Meeting point: Interpretation Centre
Duration: 1 hour


Pêcheurs, unissez-vous! (activity in French)

The fishermen are furious with the cod merchant, a conflict seems imminent. Fishermen unite! Hyman heed our call! 

11:30 am
Meeting point: Hyman & Sons General Store
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes


Le monde sous-marin de Forillon (activity in French)

Get a up-close view of the creatures inhabiting the waters of Forillon Park. It is a world that is as rich as it is fascinating! 

10:30 am
Meeting point: near the Interpretation Centre (North Sector)
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Mission aquanaute (activity in French, for kids)

Take part in an underwater treasure hunt and become a Forillon aquanaut! This activity is chock full of surprises, and features some larger-than-life characters and secret clues. 

10:30 am
Meeting point: near the Interpretation Centre (North Sector)
Duration: 1 hour


Gouache, papier, ciseaux (in French)

While participating in the creation of a collective work, our young budding artists discover the life and know-how of the past. 

1:30 am
Meeting point: Hyman & Sons General Store
Duration : 1 hour 15 minutes



Cap sur le bout du monde (in French)

Set out and reach mythical Cap-Gaspé – land’s end! Along the way, you’ll discover some mind-boggling natural and cultural treasures. The hike is guided along the outbound segment only. You could bring your lunch to make the most of this place.
1:00 pm
Meeting point: L'Anse-aux-Amérindiens picnic area 
Duration: 3 hours


Fall activities (August 21 to October 1 2017)

Every evenings



Clever beaver (activity in French. Bilingual on Sundays and Thursdays)

The beaver, that hardworking builder, invites you to enter his own little world. 
Wear sturdy shoes or hiking boots, and bring along a flashlight. 

August 21 to September 2: 5:30 pm
September 3 to 16: 5:00 pm
September 17 to 30: 5:30 pm
Bilingual presentation on Sundays and Thursdays
Meeting point: “Le Castor” parking lot
Duration: 1 hour 15 mins

Sur la trace de l'orignal (activity in French)

September 23, 24 and 30, and also on October 1 

Enjoy a foray into the habitat of the king of our forests! Accompanied by a park interpreter, you’ll discover all the particularities of North America’s largest land mammal! Who knows, maybe you’ll even be able to see one up close!
Fee-based activity: $22 per person
Maximum of 10 participants each hike
Tickets are available at the North and South Area entrances of the Park
Time: to be determined
Duration: 4 hours
7 km hike, intermediate level
Information: Bruce O'Connor, 418-360-5949


During Summer and Fall

Curious by nature!

June 24 to October 7

When you next come to Forillon, keep an eye out for our “Curious by Nature” mobile interpretation kiosk. The mission of the interpreter in the kiosk is to answer all your questions pertaining to the park’s animals, plants and landscapes. He or she carries about a satchel full of interpretation materials and games that young and old are sure to enjoy.