Our partner Cap Aventure offers guided sea kayaking outings for watching seals and experiencing the magic of a sunset over Gaspé Bay!

Dates: June 22 to October 5, 2019 - Off season: outings upon request

Guided outings (beginners)

All departures are from the Grande-Grave (South Area) harbor in Forillon Park.  

Meet the seals 

Harbour seals at rest during low tide

Level: beginner, 5 years and over
Duration: 3 hrs.
Departure time: 8 a.m.
Reservations required and minimum of 3 participants

Guided by our partner Cap Aventure, you’ll paddle out to a seal colony where you can observe these animals in their natural habitat. The guides will ask you to stay a certain distance from the seals so to avoid disturbing them. Thank you for complying with their request!



Seals at sunset

The best of sea life at sunset
© Sébastien Larose

Level: beginner, 12 years and over
Duration: 3 hrs.
Departure time: varies according to time of sunset
Reservations required; minimum of 3 participants

Follow Cap Aventure’s guides on a kayak outing and feel the magic! As the sea gently rocks your kayak, you’ll gaze out over seabirds and seals in the soft light of a Gaspé Bay sunset.

Fees (tax included)

Adult: $69.00
Student (with ID): $62.00
Child (15 years and under): $53.00
Family (2 adults + children 15 years and under):
3 members: $168.00
4 members: $194.00
5 members: $215.00 

Guided excursions (intermediate/advanced)

If you think viewing Forillon National Park from land is eye-popping, you haven’t seen anything yet! It’s true beauty is best seen from the sea.

Cape Gaspé

Cape Gaspé and the rock known as “Le Vieux” (the old man)

Level: intermediate, 16 years and over
Duration: 4 hrs.
Departure time: 7 a.m.
Reservations required; minimum of 3 participants
Point of departure: Grande-Grave harbor (South Area of park)

In the company of a certified guide, you’ll paddle along shores featuring small pebble-lined coves. The sound of waves and the sight of a whale or seal will produce a feeling of being at one with nature. Following a first stop at the beach of Anse-aux-Amérindiens, you’ll continue on, escorted by seabirds, until reaching the mouth of Gaspé Bay. There, at “land’s end,” you’ll see the proud profile of “Le Vieux” (better known as Cape Gaspé) rising before you.

Fees (tax included)
Adults: $82.00
Students: $75.00 

The Forillon periphery 

Sheer cliffs are home to thousands of seabirds

Level: intermediate / advanced
Duration: 1 day
Time of departure: 6:30 a.m. – upon request
Point of departure: Cap-des-Rosiers harbor (North Area of park)

With this excursion, you’ll be choosing to visit the most beautiful areas that Forillon Park has to offer. Guided par our partner Cap Aventure, you’ll skirt dizzying 200+-meter-high cliffs, whose sides constitute a sanctuary for the tens of thousands of seabirds who flock here to breed. It is truly an awesome sight to see! Hundreds of seals also seek out the foot of the cliffs for a resting place. Perhaps you’ll be lucky and see some whales too! Once you’ve gone around Cape Gaspé, you’ll be entering Gaspé Bay, where you’ll paddle alongside lush green shorelines dotted with small coves where you can come ashore and relax. Your excursion winds up at the Grande-Grave beach.

Fees (tax included)
Adults: $140.00
Students: $125.00 

Information and reservations

Contact Cap Aventure directly at the Grande-Grave harbor or by phone at 418-892-5056 or 1-877-792-5055
Website: www.capaventure.net
Email: kayak@capaventure.net