Parks Canada has placed 16 red Adirondack chairs in peaceful, picturesque locations around Forillon National Park.  Whether you’re taking a break after a nice stroll or a tough-but-satisfying hike, the red chairs are there so you can take a moment to relax and enjoy some of Parks Canada’s most beautiful sites!

Where's the chair?

Locations Number of chairs Coordinates
La Chute Trail
-64.427337° W 48.850825° N
Prélude-à-Forillon Trail 
-64.267279° W 48.843938° N
Oasis (still to come)
-64.217580° W 48.829615° N
Mont-Saint-Alban Trail
 2 -64.221147° W 48.804371° N
Le Portage Trail
 2 -64.322920° W 48.929455° N
Tip of Penouille
 2 -64.322920° W 48.929455° N
Cap-Gaspé  2 -64.162469° W 48.751076° N
L'Anse-Saint-Georges  2 -64.213884° W 48.782757° N
Grande-Grave  2 -64.225631° W 48.794445° N



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