Forillon National Park, created in 1970, is celebrating fifty years of experiences in 2020.

To date, more than 7 million visitors from around the world have come to enjoy interpretive activities, hiking, camping, wildlife observation..

Check our calendar regularly for the special activities planned for summer 2020! 
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A diverse history, culture and heritage
Triptyque en hommage aux personnes expropriées
When visiting the park, take a moment to read the commemorative panels that pay homage to the individuals whose properties were expropriated when Forillon National Park was created in 1970.
Learn more about the history of Forillon.
Exposition à la maison Dolbel-Roberts

The exhibit “Gaspesians from Land’s End” displayed in the Dolbel-Roberts House, will help you discover the life of the people who once inhabited Forillon peninsula.

Discover our heritage sites.

Interprétation Micmaque

Present on the peninsula for over 4000 years, the Mi’gmaq of Gespeg shares its culture with park visitors through interpretive activities.

Watch our calendar of activities for the 2020 programming.