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Sought out by visitors for decades for its beautiful sandy beaches, Cavendish has become famous around the world for its connections to author L.M. Montgomery and her stories about Anne Shirley, the spunky, red-headed heroine of 'Anne of Green Gables'. A favourite stop for visitors all summer long, Cavendish through to North Rustico offers not only the beautiful beach but also some of the best views around of the signature rugged, red sandstone cliffs of PEI’s North Shore.

Map of Cavendish in PEI National Park.

Download your own copy of the Cavendish map (PDF, 815 KB). 

Facilities and Services

Cavendish Campground: Swimming, Campground, Parking

Cavendish Grove: Picnic Area, Exhibit, Parking, Washrooms

Cavendish Beach: Exhibit, Swimming, Canteen, Parking, Washrooms

Oceanview: Lookout / Birdwatching, Picnic Area, Parking

L.M. Montgomery's Cavendish Home: Wheelchair Access, Exhibit, Gift Shop

Green Gables Heritage Place: Information, Wheelchair Access, Exhibit, Canteen, Gift Sho

MacNeill's Brook: Lookout / Birdwatching

MacKenzie's Brook: Parking

Orby Head: Lookout / Birdwatching

Cape Turner: Washrooms

North Rustico Beach: Washrooms, Swimming, Parking



Beautiful Brackley Beach is a popular summer destination for many local Island beach-goers for its fine sand and its proximity to Charlottetown. This region also has many lovely smaller beaches, which often do not see nearly as much traffic as the larger ones. Keep this in mind if you like a quieter place for your beach day! Covehead Harbour, Covehead Lighthouse and Dalvay-by-the-Sea National Historic Site are also must-see stops along this stretch of coastline. Be sure to check out the multi-use trail system at Robinsons Island!

Map of Brackley in PEI National Park.

Download your own copy of the Brackley-Dalvay map (PDF, 841 KB).

Facilities and Services

Robinsons Island: Lookout, Birdwatching

Brackley Beach: Swimming, Exhibit, Parking, Canteen, Wheelchair Access

Covehead: Lighthouse

Stanhope Cape: Picnic Area, Parking

Ross Lane Beach:  Swimming, Parking

Stanhope Campground: Camping, Wheelchair Access

Stanhope Beach: Swimming, Wheelchair Access, Exhibit, Picnic Area, Parking

Dalvay Trail House: Washrooms, Parking

Dalvay Administration: Information, Wheelchair Access, Parking

Dalvay-by-the-Sea National Historic Site: Accommodations, Tennis, Bike Rentals, Dining



Home to the biggest sand dunes on Prince Edward Island! Greenwich has a long history with connections to Mi’kmaq and Acadian culture, and an ever-evolving tale of the shaping and re-shaping of its landscapes through wind and waves. The path to Greenwich may be a bit less traveled than other areas of PEI National Park, but it’s ripe for discovery through exploration of its trails, beaches and beautiful interpretation centre.


Map of Greenwich in PEI National Park.

Download your own copy of the Greenwich map (PDF, 840 FB).


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