Management Plan for PEI National Park

In November 2017 the new management plan for Prince Edward Island National Park was tabled in Parliament. The plan, which replaces the 2007 Management Plan for PEI National Park, will guide management decisions for the next 10 years. The plan was developed through public consultation and is based on input from the Mi’kmaq First Nations on PEI as well as local residents, community organizations, stakeholders, partners, and visitors. Through this management plan, Parks Canada is meeting its promise to protect and present Canada’s natural heritage while also providing an opportunity for Canadians to experience and discover our environment in new and exciting ways. 

The new plan for Prince Edward Island National Park outlines objectives based on the following key strategies:

  • Achieving Results Together – undertaking meaningful collaboration with Mi’kmaq First Nations, local communities, and key stakeholders to improve park stewardship and solutions for managing natural and cultural resources;
  • A Healthy Park to Enjoy and Appreciate – monitoring park ecosystems and undertaking restoration and management actions when appropriate; 
  • The Beach and Beyond – engaging visitors and new audiences to expand connections to the park’s natural heritage through outdoor recreation and new learning opportunities; and
  • People, the Sea and a Changing Landscape – creating connections for visitors and Canadians to the natural and cultural environment and improving appreciation of the park by sharing stories of the people, the sea and the changing landscape. 

PEI National Park Management Plan 2017

What we heard:

Over the past two years, we asked for your ideas and input on the future of the park in order to create a management plan with a shared vision that reflects the priorities of Parks Canada, our partners, stakeholders and the general public. In the fall of 2016, the draft plan that had been developed with your input was presented to Indigenous partners, stakeholders and the general public through series of meetings, open house sessions and on the Parks Canada and Consulting with Canadians websites. The newsletter below is a summary of the main points that were heard during consultations on the draft plan. 

Update on the new management plan