Prince Edward Island National Park Geocache Challenge

Geocaching is a fun treasure hunt activity designed to get you outside to explore the natural areas the surround you. The goal is to explore the areas you’re visiting in order to find hidden containers known as geocaches using a Global Positioning System (GPS) device or GPS-enabled mobile phone. Geocaching is a great activity for the soft-adventurers and the nature lovers the promotes fresh air, exercise, connection (to the site and to your fellow geocachers) and education.

Get ready to explore Prince Edward Island National Park and discover how its natural rhythms, wildlife, people and events have shaped the north shore of the Island we know and love today! Find the caches and complete the challenges!


  • Find the caches listed below along your travel routes throughout the Park
  • Sign the logbook in each cache and stamp your geocache passport (available for download at the link below) if required
  • You can log your findings on:

  • Robinsons Island Geocache Challenge (PDF, 245 KB)

    Happy caching!