We look forward to seeing you! To have the best experience make sure to plan your trip before you head out. If you have visited us before, we are eager to welcome you back!  We want to ensure that your time with us is both safe and enjoyable; since there is limited parking and facilities, we recommend you plan ahead. 

Winter Tip: Sun sets early in the winter and trails are not lit. Plan your walk to finish at least 30 minutes before sunset to finish with light.

Traffic conditions

Use your GPS unit or online mapping application to check current traffic conditions. 

Park entrances and parking

There are a limited number of parking spaces. When parking lots are full, please:

  • Avoid illegal parking; vehicles parked illegally may be towed at the owner’s expense
  • Avoid parking on sensitive park vegetation
  • Leave enough room for RVs and buses to manoeuver
  • Follow all instructions from traffic managers

Winter Tip: Parking lots in the Rouge are maintenance free in winter. They’re not salted or cleared of ice and snow, so be prepared.

Pre-arrival checklist 

  • Check for any seasonal closures or construction
  • Try alternative transportation: carpool, bike, public transit or shuttles.
  • Write down the Visitor Centre hours.
  • Park entry is free at Rouge National Urban Park.
  • There are many access points from various municipalities to a network of existing trails with diverse landscapes.  Currently there are few facilities and signs, so carry a map.

Note: Park entry is free at Rouge National Urban Park.

Have a great visit at #RougeNUP!