While some areas of Rouge National Urban Park are accessible, many trails include steep sections and soft natural surfaces that are not generally suitable for wheelchairs or strollers. As the park expands, many more accessible areas will be added.

Here is a list of locations with accessible facilities:
  • Rouge Beach: The Rouge Marsh Trail is a flat boardwalk along the edge of the marsh that is suitable for wheelchairs, strollers, and walkers. The Waterfront Trail is also paved and accessible. Rouge Beach also has accessible washrooms that are open during the summer months. There is no winter maintenance on the pathways in this area.

  • Glen Eagles Vista: This short trail is flat with a grass surface. It provides views of the Rouge River and Little Rouge River valleys as well as interpretive signage.

  • Twyn Rivers Area: You can access the Celebration Forest Trail from the parking lot off Twyn Rivers Drive. This short loop trail has a grass surface and may be wheelchair and stroller-accessible depending on recent weather conditions. The parking lot also provides views of the Little Rouge River.

  • Woodlands Area:The first part of the Woodland Trail includes a flat gravel loop and an open meadow area that is perfect for picnics. The full trail involves some steeper grades and soft natural surfaces that may be more challenging to access.

  • Vista Trail: Starting at the northern trailhead of the Vista Trail, you can travel about 300 metres on a packed dirt trail to the Vista Lookout, which features spectacular views of the Little Rouge River Valley. Beyond the lookout, soft trail surfaces make access more challenging.

  • Bob Hunter Memorial Park: The Tallgrass Trek Trail at the Bob Hunter area features a mix of gravel and paved surfaces suitable for wheelchairs and strollers. This trail passes by restored wetlands, meadows, and replanted trees. Other trails in this area include steeper grades and natural dirt surfaces.