Parks Canada is very proud of the restoration and conservation accomplishments that have been achieved in Rouge National Urban Park, including tree planting and reforestation work outlined in the park’s management plan.

Parks Canada undertakes a few types of plantings, for example – wetland and meadow plantings, upland forest planting; and riparian plantings, which take place in low-lying wet areas. Working in collaboration with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), Indigenous partners, farmers, municipalities, schools, volunteers and community partners, Parks Canada has restored more than 26 hectares of forest habitat since 2015. That’s the equivalent of almost 50 football fields in five years!

Additionally, in collaboration with our partners, more than 113,000 native trees, perennials, shrubs and aquatic plants have been planted throughout the park. Since 2015, Parks Canada and its partners have planted more than 108,000 trees in Rouge National Urban Park.

Recently in 2019, Parks Canada planted 3,500 trees in the spring and an additional 2,500 trees in the fall. Furthermore, in partnership with the TRCA and the City of Toronto, more than 32,000 trees have been planted at the future home of the Toronto Wildlife Centre in RNUP. Parks Canada also undertook reforestation and tree planting work in the Northeastern part of the park, near the Township of Uxbridge, to increase an already-existing, healthy forest.

Parks Canada works collaboratively with members of the Rouge National Urban Park First Nations Advisory Circle on important park initiatives, including restoration projects. Members of the Advisory Circle are invited to join in on restoration work and attend plantings.