This summer Parkbus embarked on a new initiative, called NatureLink, that aims to make outdoor spaces more accessible to Canadian newcomers.

NatureLink provides subsidized transportation to outdoor spaces – including Rouge National Urban Park in the GTA – coupled with fun outdoor programming and experiences. Every week since mid-July, the program has introduced 30 to 40 Canadian newcomers to the Rouge for the first time! Outings have included Learn-to Camp sessions, as well as guided hikes throughout Canada’s first national urban park.

NatureLink provides a wide range of services, all aimed at helping people feel comfortable in new and unfamiliar spaces. The initiative provides Canadian newcomers with the necessary skills and resources to feel confident and prepared to continue exploring natural green spaces and parks on their own.

We are very fortunate to partner with Parksbus to host the NatureLink initiative, which is striving to enable equal access to nature for all Canadians.


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