Parks Canada asks for the public's assistance to reduce the spread of invasive rusty crayfish 

Parks Canada protects wildlife and plant species within Rouge National Urban Park. All of the animals and plants in the park are protected and removing them is illegal without a special permit issued by the Park Superintendent or Province of Ontario.


It is illegal to take crayfish out of the park, no matter what the purpose or destination.

Visitors possessing a valid Ontario fishing licence can use crayfish as bait to fish in the park, but only in the same body of water in which they are caught. This is only permitted if they are used immediately after catching and not transported elsewhere within or outside the park.

These rules have been put in place to lower the risk of spreading Rusty Crayfish (Orconectes rusticus), an invasive species in Ontario. Invasive species are a significant problem because they can compete with local species and take over ecosystems. Parks Canada is committed to protecting the environment and continues to manage invasive species like the Rusty Crayfish in Rouge National Urban Park.


More information on Rusty Crayfish.

Rouge National Urban Park is open for self-guided use with physical distancing. The health and safety of visitors, employees and all Canadians is of the utmost importance and Parks Canada is following the advice and guidance of public health experts in resuming visitor access. We ask the public to please be safe and responsible when visiting Rouge National Urban Park. Please practice 2 metres of physical distancing from others, pack extra hygiene supplies like sanitizer and wipes, and bring a face mask for use when physical distancing is not possible.