An App for Rouge National Urban Park!

Dive deeper into Canada’s first and only national urban park – Rouge National Urban Park – with a new interactive app! Created by students at the University of Toronto Scarborough’s innovation hub, in partnership with Parks Canada, the app offers users the chance to explore the park’s rich history, forests and trails like never before.

Some of the app’s features include:

  • A unique GPS-enabled map with hundreds of points of interest
  • Info on all of the park’s trails
  • A distance tracker
  • Achievement badges and rewards for distances traveled
  • A memory game for kids of all ages
  • A reporting function allowing visitors to share wildlife and other observations with Parks Canada
  • A guide to the park’s animals, plants, geology, biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Safety tips on things like poisonous plants, hiking 101, insects and wildlife
  • Amazing information about the park’s cultural, agricultural and Indigenous heritage
  • Alerts to help inform users of hazardous plants
  • Great for users of all ages, the app offers real-time highlights of the natural wonders and human history at the touch of your fingertips 


The app is now available to download for free on iOS and Android Devices.