Barn swallows

© John Stager / Parks Canada

Bird watching is a fun activity that you can do all year round. All you really need is a pair of binoculars and a bird guide (or app) to help with identification.

Rouge National Urban Park is a great place to go bird watching—225 bird species have been observed here! Different species can be found in the park’s varied habitats, which include shoreline, forests, meadows, farmland and wetlands.

The time of day and time of year also affect which birds you might spot on your visit. While many birds are most active in the morning, birds of prey are often spotted during the middle of the day and most owls appear in the evening. Some birds spend their summers in the park or migrate through during the spring and fall, while others are year-round residents. Make sure to return during different times and seasons to see what new species you might encounter.