Want to bring the splendour of Rouge National Urban Park to the comfort of your own home? Why not try one of our at-home activities to learn more about the park without leaving home!

Sit in on a virtual visit with RNUP

Sign in for a virtual visit to RNUP and learn something new! We have a new topic and expert for each visit. View our important dates calendar for a full list of scheduled experts.

Take a virtual hike with Google Street View

We put together our top 10 virtual hikes in Rouge National Urban Park so you can remotely learn about the park and virtually explore the trails. Get comfortable, turn on your computer and lace up your online hiking shoes. You’re bound for an adventure!

Virtual hikes

Try your hand at Rouge National Urban Park BINGO!

Are you an expert RNUP explorer? See how many squares can you get on this Rouge National Urban Park Bingo card. Don’t forget to share your results online!

Rouge National Urban Park Bingo card (PDF, 3 Mb)






Stroll through our virtual photo gallery

Take a stroll through Rouge National Urban Park’s virtual art gallery. Feast your eyes on the beautiful photographs taken by our talented photographer-in-residence students.

Virtual photo gallery

Download and complete colouring pages inspired by the Rouge

Print off one of one of our exclusive Rouge National Urban Park colouring pages, and learn about the park while letting your creativity soar. Be sure to share your artwork with us on social media!

Colouring page 1
Download (PDF, 1.6 MB)
Colouring page 2
Download (PDF, 1.3 MB)
Colouring page 3
Download (PDF, 3.7 MB)
Colouring page 4
Download (PDF, 2.5 MB)
Colouring page 5
Download (PDF, 1.6 MB)
Colouring page 6
Download (PDF, 1.7 MB)
Colouring page 7 
Download (PDF, 1.7 MB)
Colouring page 8
Download (PDF, 1.7 MB)