Point Pelee National Park is home to complex Carolinian ecosystems and a number of species at risk. Each year Parks Canada staff and conservation partners are involved in research and monitoring projects as well as conservation and restoration projects to better understand this natural region and to support healthy ecosystems.

Research and monitoring

There are several ongoing research and monitoring projects in the park which focus on specific species. Monitoring allows us to take concrete action to protect plant and animal life.

Conserving and restoring ecosystems and habitats

Lake Erie Sand Spit Savannah is extremely rare in Canada. There are only a few other places outside of Point Pelee National Park in which they are found.

Use of prescribed fire

Controlled, intentionally lit fires are known as prescribed fires. They reduce fuel to lessen the severity of wildfires, release nutrients, encourage native seed germination, and allow for a mosaic of ecosystems that support diverse plants and wildlife.

Hyperabundant Species Management

Monitoring and research at Point Pelee National Park have identified two hyperabundant wildlife populations. The size of these populations are a threat to species at risk and to the natural processes that are expected in this ecological region of Canada.