Two-thirds of the park is composed of freshwater marshes. Explore beyond the boundaries of the Marsh Boardwalk and into the peaceful mysteries of the marsh by canoe or kayak. Bring in your own or rent canoes through the Friends of Point Pelee at the Marsh Boardwalk.

Freighter Canoe Tour

Join us and cruise among the cattails with an interpreter in our ten-person canoe. ‘Meet' the marsh's carnivorous plant and take a glimpse at life below the water, as you discover a side of Point Pelee few have experienced. Operating July 1st to Labour Day. For more information and to make reservation, please call the park at (519) 322-2365 Ext. 0.

For your safety please remember:

LifejacketWear your lifejacket at all times. Boats are required to have one lifejacket per person, 15 m ((40 ft) of buoyant heaving line, spare paddles or oars, an anchor on
15 m (40 ft) of line, a bailer and a whistle.

Weather conditionsWeather conditions change rapidly.   Although it may be calm here, winds are stronger beyond the windsock.  Check forecasts which are posted on the weather board.

MapThe marsh is 800 times bigger than a football field. The windsock marks the return channel. Maps are available at the Cattail Café Rental Shop.

WhistleIf you capsize: remain with your overturned boat and move shoreward. Sound three long blasts to attract attention if you need assistance.

Enjoy your paddle in this peaceful and internationally recognized wetland where life abounds above and below the water line!