"Following the Flight of the Monarchs"

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Location(s): Point Pelee National Park
Cost: Free with your admission to the park!

Friday, September 13, 2019, 6 pm at the Visitor Centre

Join Dr. Rob Mackay as he presents "Following the Flight of the Monarchs", an interdisciplinary acoustic ecology project connecting with ecosystems and communities along the migration routes of monarch butterflies as they travel 3,000 miles between Mexico and Canada each year. The project, led by Dr. Rob Mackay at the University of Hull, connects with the international BIOM project led by Leah Barclay at Griffith University and SoundCamp to map the changing soundscapes of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves through art, science, and technology.

Over the next year, Rob will be installing streamboxes in monarch butterfly reserves in Canada, the US, and Mexico to live stream the soundscapes of these ecosystems to share with ecologists throughout the world in order to monitor changes in biodiversity through sound. The project also aims to raise awareness of the issues the monarchs face, who's numbers have declined by nearly 90% over the past two decades, through art and citizen science projects.

Bio: Dr. Rob Mackay is a composer, sound artist, and performer. He is currently a Reader in Composition and Sound Art at the University of Hull.