Restricted activity order: Mooring

Issued: June 08, 2020

Pursuant to Section 7(1) of the National Parks General Regulations and pursuant to the Trespass to Property Act of Ontario, the following activities are prohibited by order of the Superintendent:

  • Occupying dock space without a valid permit. Self-serve permits are only valid if all fields are completed, appropriate fees are paid, and deposited in the self-registration payment vault.
  • Mooring without immediately obtaining a valid permit.
  • Mooring after 1100 a.m. on the day the permit expires.
  • Saving dock space. Dockage is on a first come basis. A valid permit for mooring does not guarantee your dock space. If you choose to depart, your space may be taken by another vessel.
  • Rafting, unless at Frying Pan Bay docks. The term ‘rafting’ refers to the activity where one or more vessels tie off (raft) to a vessel that is moored to a dock.
  • Mooring vessels stern or bow in. All vessels must be parallel to dock.
  • Obstructing dock space with marked yellow line. This dock space is reserved for park staff and emergency personnel only.
  • Mooring dinghies, tender vessels or water toys. None are permitted on any dock. 
  • Servicing of any kind to vessels while moored at a docking facility.
  • Tying vessels up to trees.
  • Leaving personal articles or equipment on docks. The only exception is the finger sections of the Tobey Dock at Cedar Springs.
  • Creating excessive noise and/or unreasonable behaviour at any time. Quiet hours are from 11:00 pm until 8:00 am.
  • Consumption or use of alcohol/cannabis between the hours of 11:00 pm until 8:00 am.
  • Hunting, possessing, disturbing, touching or feeding wildlife. 
  • Leaving any food or wildlife attractants unattended. All attractants must be stored and/or disposed of in the appropriate bear proof facility.  
  • Littering of any material. 
  • Allowing pets to be at large. Pets must be restrained by a leash (3 metres max), or confined to a container, enclosure, or vessel. 
  • Igniting or possessing fireworks
  • Operating or possessing a drone within Georgian Bay Islands National Park or managed water lots


  • All docks in Georgian Bay Islands National Park.

To promote a quality visitor experience. 

Violators may be charged under the Canada National Parks Act and other applicable Provincial/ Federal legislation. Failure to comply may result in immediate cancellation of the mooring permit and/or eviction from Parks Canada property. 

Start date:

End date: 
Until further notice