There are 8 campgrounds on Beausoleil Island that offer a more primitive experience. Campsites at Honeymoon Bay and all campsites at Tonch North are reservable. The remaining campsites are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

These campgrounds are located on or near the shore and have between 4 and 13 sites each, some with tent pads, others have wooden platforms. Each site has a picnic table and a hibachi (fire box) for campfire cooking. Although maximum capacity per site is two tents, many sites can only accommodate a single tent. A covered picnic shelter is available at each campground, and some also offer a shared wood stove for additional cooking options.


Accessing the Campgrounds | Honeymoon Bay | Chimney Bay and Oaks | Sandpiper | Tonch North | Tonch East | Tonch South | Thumb Point


Accessing the Campgrounds

Beausoleil Island and primitive campsites are accessible by water only. Campers can access these sites using their personal vessel, or by booking at licenced private water taxi company that operate in the Honey Harbour area. The park does not provide boat transportation to the primitive campgrounds. The boat ride over to these campsites is approximately 20 minutes. 

Boat docks and/or vessel beaching can be found at each campground. Dock space is limited, available on a first come, first serve basis. Additional docking fees apply.

With access to the primitive campgrounds being via water only, a main entry gate or registration desk is not available. As a result, visitors the park are asked to pay for their entry and camping using a 'self-registration' permit system.

Permits can be found in an information box located close to the dock at every campground and picnic/docking area. Please ensure that you have adequate funds or complete credit card information to include with the permit envelope.

The permit form consists of 3 parts. After completing the form and calculating the fees, one part of the form is posted at your campsite, one part is placed on your vessel (if applicable), and one part is a payment envelope which is deposited into a secure lockbox located close to the dock. Visitors are asked to fill out the permit form clearly and completely. Fees are collected daily. Audits and compliance checks are conducted periodically throughout the season.

Facilities and services
Washroom facilities available at the primitive campgrounds consist of at least 1 pit privy (outhouse) or a compostable toilet. Running water is not available. Visitors are required to bring their own water or filtering systems.


Composting toilet (outhouse) and pit privy

Garbage service is provided daily during the summer months and on weekends only in May, June, September and October. Each campground has an animal-proof garbage container and recycling bins.

**To prevent the spread of invasive species, firewood must be purchased at the campground of from a local vendor. Information on the dangers of moving firewood.

Pets are welcome in the park. They must be kept on a leash at all times and never left unattended.

The Campgrounds in Detail

From North to South

Map of Beausoleil Island
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Honeymoon Bay


View at Honeymoon Bay
View at Honeymoon Bay
Tent platform at Honeymoon Bay Campground
Tent platform at Honeymoon Bay Campground

This popular campground offers 11 campsites along the shores of the small bay. Five campsites are reservable. Its western exposure offers breathtaking sunsets.

On the very northern tip of Beausoleil Island, visitors to this area can look out toward the open water of the north channel and perhaps watch one of the bay's powerful storms roll in.

The campsites offer both tent pads and platforms. There are 2 vault toilets, 2 boat docks, a picnic shelter, stone stove, a sandy beach and swimming area.

The Fairy Trail starts nearby.


Chimney Bay and Oaks
Located in a sheltered bay, these two campgrounds offer a total of 13 campsites all of which are close to the water and have great views of the bay. Most sites have wooden tent platforms.

A great location for swimming and accessing the park's hiking trails.


A favorite as it has a lovely shallow swimming beach. This campground offers 8 sites with a mix of tent pads and wooden platforms. A wood stove is not available.

Summer weekends at Sandpiper


Tonch North
A small campground, one of 3 on the 'Tonch' peninsula, these are the campgrounds that are most visible as you come out of the Big Dog Channel, heading toward the mid-point of Beausoleil Island. All campsites are reservable. 

Tonch North has 4 sites, all with tent pads (no wooden platforms). The docks at this location have been removed, making this a good choice for those travelling by canoe or kayak.

Tonch East
A centrally located campground offering 7 campsites, some scattered a little further from others. Swimming is limited, as this campground is surrounded by wetlands and weed beds. The flat rock that leads to the water can get very slippery. Caution is advised.

Tonch South
Facing the south-east and surrounded by wetlands, this campground sits upon an outcrop of rock. Most campsites are rather exposed to the south and east winds. Swimming is limited. Just off one of the main boat channels in the area, it neighbours Treasure Bay, where waters are calmer and more conducive to canoe and kayaking. There are 7 campsites at the Tonch South campground.


Tonch South: dock, gazebo, and tent on wooden platform


Thumb Point
A 15 minute walk from the Cedar Spring Campground, this campground has 8 campsites and a composting toilet. The sites are scattered over a rocky terrain and all offer wooden platforms. Swimming is limited on the flat rock which can be very slippery. Visitors are advised to exercise caution when getting in and out of the water. With close proximity to the services at Cedar Spring, Thumb Point is a good choice for campers looking for something a little less remote.