Are you planning to stay in a roofed accommodation during COVID-19? 

Below is this season’s check-in and check-out schedule for guests who have reserved Cedar Spring cabins, Christian Beach cabins, and oTENTiks.

Departure times
Roofed Accommodation Check-in time Check-out time
Christian Beach Cabin 3
Christian Beach Cabin 4
2:30 pm 10:30 am
oTENTik 3
oTENTik 5
1:30 pm 11:30 pm
Cedar Spring Cabin 2
Cedar Spring Cabin 4
2:30 pm 10:30 pm

Please note that the check-in and check-out times listed above cannot be modified. Please contact park staff at 705-526-8907 for any questions or concerns.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts
  • Please note: All passengers aboard the Daytripper vessel are required to wear face masks at all times for the safety of all passengers and park staff.
  • Please be aware that passengers may be aboard the open sided Daytripper vessel with passengers from another family group.
  • Passengers must complete a self-assessment COVID-19 screening prior to boarding the Daytripper vessel.

Visit the Georgian Bay Islands National Park COVID-19 page for more updates.