Building a better future

This project will improve the beach experience. It will also protect and restore approximately 2300 square metres of rare and fragile ecosystems.

Monarch Caterpillar

You will see major differences in 2018. Most noticeable is the relocation of the parking lot to the other side of Dorcas Bay Road. This improves the area’s ecological integrity by restoring the natural connection between the beach and the fen. It also helps to protect  critical habitat for plant species at risk , including the Dwarf Lake Iris, Tuberous Indian-plantain and Hill’s Thistle. Other species at risk such as Snapping turtles, Massasauga rattlesnakes, and Monarch butterflies will also benefit. This work will also help to reduce the introduction and spread of invasive plants .

Hill's Thistle

We are building new washroom and reception facilities, a decked picnic area, a drinking water fill station, and viewing platform to make your experience better. Self-guided interpretive exhibits will share information about what makes Singing Sands such a special place.  The restored areas will soon grow up with new vegetation, stabilizing the sand dune ecosystems over time. The new raised boardwalk trail will be fully wheelchair accessible. It will connect you to the best of Singing Sands, while allowing wildlife to move naturally and freely in their habitat. An improved loop trail will run through the orchid-rich forest and back along the shoreline to create great nature viewing opportunities.

The night sky

Singing Sands is part of a Dark Sky Preserve  and a popular place for star-gazing. All our new infrastructure is dark sky compliant. Signs on the viewing platform will be high contrast and easy to read in low light. 

We hope you will join us in 2018 when Singing Sands reopens to the public. Come see these great new changes for yourself, and to learn about the work we’re doing to make this special place more natural, beneficial for wildlife, and better for your visit.

How does this affect your visit?

Drawings of a building and boardwalk to be installed at Singing Sands
Draft plans for an interpretive board walk at Singing Sands