Winter presents special hazards. Plan ahead and be prepared for a winter visit to Bruce Peninsula National Park. The trails and roads in the park are not regularly patrolled. Exercise caution and be careful, especially near water. 


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  • Winter conditions can be dangerous - be prepared and cautious. Emergency response is limited during winter
  • Cell phone reception is not reliable in the park. Do not expect your phone to work
  • Make a trip plan and share it with somebody. Make sure to tell another person what you are doing, where you are going, and when you intend to be back. 
  • Winter weather and snow depth are highly variable and can change rapidly. It is possible to go from clear skies to white-out snowstorms in a short period. Monitor the weather forecast before and during your trip. Check the forecast for Tobermory here.
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  • The shoreline can be icy and dangerous, especially at Indian Head Cove and the Grotto. 
  • Do not approach the edge!
  • Stay off the ice!
  • Winter activity can be strenuous. Walking through deep snow takes a lot of energy. Know your limits.
  • Daylight hours are shorter than in summer. Give yourself enough time.