Singing Sands 
Lake Huron water levels are high. Most of Singing Sands beach is covered with water. The beach and Wild Garden Trail will be wet.

Trail Conditions — General
Spring conditions exist along all hiking trails. Some areas may be wet and muddy. Wet rocks can be slippery. Wear appropriate footwear.

Burnt Point Loop Trail
A portion of the Burnt Point Loop trail is flooded due to high water levels.

Turtle Alert – Brake for Snakes
Turtles, snakes, frogs and other herptiles are migrating and may be seen crossing roads throughout the park. If you see a critter on the road, please slow down and try to avoid hitting it. Be safe at all times.

Cyprus Lake Campground
There is construction and maintenance on Cyprus Lake Trail, in the campground area. Hikers may encounter work crews and motorized equipment.  

Halfway Log Dump
Construction is beginning on a new building in the Halfway Log Dump parking lot. Visitors should self register and pay at the station in the parking lot when they visit. Do not enter the construction area.