Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts
  • Cyprus Lake Campground, yurts and backcountry camping resume operations as of June 11, 2021
  • Group camping remain closed

The Bruce Peninsula National Park COVID-19 webpage provides updates on park facilities and services.

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Ten (10) yurts along the shore of Cyprus Lake are a unique camping experience in Bruce Peninsula National Park.

Kick back and feel the lake breeze from your deck. Cozy up to the campfire and watch the sunset over the lake. Gaze up at the starry sky through the skylight dome as you drift off to sleep in a comfortable bed.

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What is a yurt?

The yurts at Cyprus Lake are a modern version of a traditional dwelling used by the nomads of Central Asia. Yurts are a semi-permanent tent-like structure, circular in shape with a wooden lattice frame. Although yurts are classified as a tent, they are much stronger and offer better shelter from the weather. Our yurts are 6m (20ft) in diameter and well-appointed with furnishings including a woodstove, beds, large deck and propane BBQ. Each yurt has a locking door.

A couple relaxing by a campfire
Relax by the fire
Why stay in a yurt?

Convenience: Arrive at your site and you don't have to set up any camping gear!

Comfort: Enjoy sleeping on a comfortable bed, instead of the ground.

Beat the weather: Stoke up the wood fireplace to keep you warm and cozy in the yurt during cold weather. In the summer, the yurts are kept cool with breezes through the window, roof dome and screened doors.