Before you set out to winter camp in the park, there are a few things you should know:

Self registration booth
  • Camping is available throughout the year at the Tamarack area of Cyprus Lake Campground and at the backcountry locations of Stormhaven and High Dump.
  • Camping for all locations is first come first serve.
  • All campers must self-register at the kiosk at the Cyprus Lake. Tamarack Sites are $15.70 per night. Backcountry sites are $9.80 per person, per night. Please bring exact change.
  • Potable water is not available. Bring your own water, or purifying system. Alternatively you can boil your water before use.
  • Do not bring your own firewood. Wood is available at Cyprus Lake Campground only.
  • Snow covered trail signs
  • Fires are only allowed in designated fire pits in the Cyprus Lake Campground. Fires are not allowed in other areas, including the High Dump and Stormhaven backcountry campsites.
  • Toilet facilities are pit privies. There are no flush toilets or running water in any of the campgrounds during winter.
  • Please pack out all garbage.

Winter conditions can be dangerous - be prepared and cautious

Learn more about winter safety to ensure you are prepared for camping in the park

Map of winter access

Map of winter camping at Cyprus Lake