Facility Status at Thousand Islands National Park

Park services are now closed for the season and will reopen on May 19th 2018.

The impact of the 2017 high water crisis along the St Lawrence River continues to affect Thousand Islands National Park. Dock damage was extensive and repairs will continue throughout 2018. Thousand Islands National Park will invest over the next two years to repair and reopen damaged docks. We will start the 2018 season with 46 of 67 (68%) docks open to the public. 

We encourage visitors to plan their visit in advance and review updates and status of docks and facilities. Below you find a list of islands with impacted docks. Be sure to check this site regularly for updates.

closed symbol Indicates a closed dock.

Updated as of Feb.14th, 2018

Adelaide Island
Map of Adelaide Island

Closed: Floater Dock, end segment blocked off (Adelaide Island)

Aubrey Island
Map of Aubrey Island

Closed: Fixed Dock South Bay (Aubrey Island)

Camelot Island
Map of Camelot Island

Closed: East Bay Floater Dock (Camelot Island)
Closed: East Bay Fixed Dock (Camelot Island)

Cedar Island
Map of Cedar Island

Closed: T Shape Floater Dock (Cedar Island)

Endymion Island
Map of Endymion Island

Closed: Fixed Dock (Endymion Island South West)

Gordon Island
Map of Gordon Island

Closed: oTENTik Dock Gordon Island

Grenadier Island Central
Map of Grenadier Island Central

Closed: Floater Dock (Grenadier Centre Island West)

Grenadier Island East
Map of Grenadier Island East

Closed: Fixed Dock (Grenadier Island East)

Grenadier Island North
Map of Grenadier Island North

Closed: Floater Dock (Grenadier Island North)

Grenadier Island West
Map of Grenadier Island West

Closed: North Floater Dock (Grendadier West Island)

Georgina and Constance Islands
Map of Georgina Island

Closed: Fixed Dock (Georgina Island Centre)
Closed: Fixed-Floater Dock (Georgina Island North East)

Hill Island
Map of Hill Island

Closed: Docks (Batterman Point)
Closed: Fixed Dock (Batterman Point)

McDonald Island
Map of McDonald Island

Closed: Fixed Dock (McDonald Island West)

Mermaid Island
Mermaid Island

Closed: 1 Finger Dock (Mermaid Island)

Milton Island
Map of Milton Island

Closed: Floater Docks (Milton Island North)

Mulcaster Island
Map of Mulcaster Island

Closed: Fixed Dock (Mulcaster Island East)

Stovin Island
Stovin Island

Closed: Floater Dock South West (Stovin Island)
Closed: Fixed Dock South West (Stovin Island)

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For more information, please contact Thousand Islands National Park at 613-923-5261, or by email at ont-ti@pc.gc.ca.