Facility Status at Thousand Islands National Park

Like many parts of the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario, significant flooding impacted the park in 2017 and many of the park’s public docks were damaged. We are in the process of rebuilding these docks so that boaters can continue to discover and enjoy the beauty of the islands.    

With visitor and staff safety the top priority, Parks Canada has brought in an engineering firm to fully assess the extent of dock damage. We are evaluating our mooring space and redesigning new docks for resilience against potential future flooding.  Significant repairs will continue throughout 2018 and are influenced by factors such as weather conditions, restrictions to protect spawning fish, and availability of contractors. 

We encourage boaters to plan their visit in advance by reviewing updates to the status of docks below.

closed symbol Indicates a closed dock.

Updated as of May 18th, 2018

Adelaide Island
Map of Adelaide Island

Closed: Floater Dock (Expected to open May 25th, 2018), end segment blocked off (timeline unknown) (Adelaide Island)

Aubrey Island
Map of Aubrey Island

Closed: Crib Dock South Bay (timeline unknown) (Aubrey Island)

Camelot Island
Map of Camelot Island

Closed: East Bay Floater Dock (Expected to open September 2018) (Camelot Island)
Closed: East Bay Crib Dock (Expected to open September 2018) (Camelot Island)

Cedar Island
Map of Cedar Island

Closed: T-Shape Floater Dock (Timeline unknown) (Cedar Island)

Endymion Island
Map of Endymion Island

Closed: Crib Dock (timeline unknown) (Endymion Island South West)

Gordon Island
Map of Gordon Island

Closed: oTENTik/Camping West Dock (Expected to open mid-June 2018) (Gordon Island)

Grenadier Island Central
Map of Grenadier Island Central

Closed: West Floater Dock (To be removed) (Grenadier Centre Island)

Grenadier Island East
Map of Grenadier Island East

Closed: Crib Dock (Timeline unknown) (Grenadier Island East)

Grenadier Island North
Map of Grenadier Island North

Closed: Floater Dock (Timeline unknown) (Grenadier Island North-CLOSED)

Grenadier Island West
Map of Grenadier Island West

Closed: North Floater Dock (Timeline unknown) (Grenadier West Island)

Georgina and Constance Islands
Map of Georgina Island

Closed: Crib Dock (Timeline unknown) (Georgina Island Centre Bay)
Closed: Crib-Floater Dock (Timeline unknown) (Georgina Island North East)
Closed: Crib Dock (Expected to open May 30th, 2018)(Constance Island)

Hill Island
Map of Hill Island

Closed: Docks (Timeline unknown) (Hill Island - Batterman’s Point - CLOSED)

McDonald Island
Map of McDonald Island

Closed: West Crib Dock (Timeline unknown) (McDonald Island)

Mermaid Island
Map of Mermaid Island

Open (May 2018)

Milton Island
Map of Milton Island

Open (May 2018)

Mulcaster Island
Map of Mulcaster Island

Closed: East Crib Dock (Timeline unknown) (Mulcaster Island)

Stovin Island
Stovin Island

Closed: Crib-Floater Dock South West (Timeline unknown) (Stovin Island)

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For more information, please contact Thousand Islands National Park at 613-923-5261, or by email at ont-ti@pc.gc.ca.