Alert: High Water 2019

Water levels are rising along the St. Lawrence River. In order to protect people and docks, some docks have been closed to prevent damage and docks with less than 12 inches of freeboard are also closed. The Mallorytown Landing boat ramp is closed due to unsafe conditions caused by rising water levels. We ask all boaters to respect dock closures. Docks are closed to help protect them from damage and to keep visitors safe.

Temporary Closures

Temporary closures are in effect at the following locations due to high water levels. Docks will be opened as temporary ramps are put in place and/or water levels permit.

Cedar: Northeast floating dock closed.

Milton: Large central dock open. All other docks, and campsites 1 and 2 closed.

Aubrey: Small north floating dock closed. No shore access from south bay floating dock. Island Attendants will collect fees.

Mermaid: Island closed. Dock remains open. Island Attendants will collect fees.

Beau Rivage: Small camping dock open, but all other small floating docks closed.

Thwartway: Island closed. Mooring buoys remain open. Island Attendants will collect fees.

Camelot: North mooring buoys closed.

Gordon: Large central dock remains open. All other docks closed.

Georgina: North bay central dock and one south bay dock open. All other docks closed.

Constance: Crib dock closed. North and southwest docks open. No shore access from southwest dock. Island Attendants will collect fees. Composting toilet closed.

Adelaide: Island closed. Mooring cans remain open. Island Attendants will collect fees.

Stovin: Island closed.

Mallorytown Landing: Boat ramp closed. Small southwest dock closed.

Facility Status at Thousand Islands National Park

Like many parts of the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario, significant flooding impacted the park in 2017 and many of the park’s docks were damaged beyond repair. The park is undertaking a multi-year process of building new docks so that boaters can continue to discover and enjoy the natural beauty of the islands.        

Significant recapitalization efforts will continue throughout 2019, with construction at McDonald, Camelot and Mulcaster Islands. This work is influenced by factors such as weather conditions, in water work restrictions to protect spawning fish and nesting turtles, and availability of contractors. 

We encourage boaters to plan their visit by reviewing updates to the status of docks at our maps page.

Visitors can also follow the park on Facebook, or on Twitter @TInationalpark.

For more information, please contact Thousand Islands National Park at 613-923-5261, or by email at