There are five national parks in Nunavut representing various examples of Canada’s 39 natural regions – Quttinirpaaq (Eastern High Arctic), Sirmilik (Eastern Arctic Lowlands), Ukkusiksalik (Central Tundra), Auyuittuq (Northern Davis), and Qausuittuq (Western High Arctic).

Baker Lake, Rankin Inlet and Naujaat, Nunavut - Ukkusiksalik’s main gateways - can be reached by commercial airlines. For more information on outfitters and accommodation, contact the Kivalliq regional office of Nunavut Tourism at 1-866-686-2888.

Community visitor information

Baker Lake

Akumalik Visitor’s Centre/Baker Lake Heritage Centre
Seasonal (July-September)
Phone: 867-793-2874

Inuit Heritage Centre - Itsarnittakarvik
Phone: 867-793-2598

Rankin Inlet

Kivalliq Visitor Centre - Nunavut Tourism
Phone: 867-645-3838

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