Pond Inlet, population 1315, is located on the northeastern tip of Baffin Island. Arctic Bay, population 639, is located on the northern tip of Baffin Island. Arctic Bay is located 21 km west of the mining community of Nanisivik.

Pond Inlet accommodations

Tununiq Sauniq Hotel
Pond Inlet
Phone: 867-899-6500
Fax: 867-899-8364
Email: innsnorth@arcticco-op.com

Black Point Lodge
Pond Inlet
Phone: 867-899-8555
Email: John@solunarctic.com

Pond Inlet campground
Minimal services. Located 5km from town.

Arctic Bay accommodations

Tangmaarvik Inn
Arctic Bay
Phone: 867-439-8005
Fax: 867-439-8007