A management plan is the central document that guides Parks Canada in the protection, management, and operation of a national park. As the key accountability document for the park to the Canadian public, a management plan outlines how Parks Canada's legislated mandate of protection, education and enjoyment of the national parks will be met. The plan also provides the framework for how Parks Canada, Inuit, stakeholders, and the general public manage Sirmilik National Park for the long term.

The Park Management Plan has been developed by Parks Canada and the Sirmilik Park Planning Team, with advice from the Sirmilik Joint Inuit/Government Park Planning and Management Committee (JPMC). It has been developed within the framework of the Canada National Parks Act, the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement, and the Inuit Impact and Benefit Agreement. The plan provides long-term direction - looking 15 years into the future – to manage the park's ecological integrity, cultural resources, heritage presentation programs, human use, cooperative management, partnerships, public involvement, and administration and operations.

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