Even before entering the park, the massive spills of glaciers into Eclipse Sound can be seen shining and brilliant in the Arctic light from the community of Pond Inlet, one of the two gateway communities to the park. Sixteen glaciers alone fan out across Bylot Island. Others carve out the landscape of the Borden Peninsula and calve into the waters of Oliver Sound from Baffin Island.

Climb and cross glaciers by ski and crampon in brilliant high intensity spring light. Ski the sea ice or take in the floe edge where marine life is concentrated at the deep navy blue waters exposed against the startling white of ice in May or June. July is ice break up so you must wait until August and September to hike u-shaped river valleys sculpted by glaciers. Boat or kayak in the sounds, or explore this part of the high Arctic on an expedition cruise ship.

These open waters attract some of the largest numbers of arctic sea birds that can be seen circling in late summer skies. Filling the air with their cries as they feast on the bounty found in this part of the marine ecosystem, while narwhal and seals in the thousands chase their catch alongside.

On land, brilliant, profuse plant life scatters across the landscape and the exposed geology of the cliff faces reveals layers of multi-coloured rock. From magenta to ochre to green and grey, hoodoos huddle like a crowd in the distance. All this and more awaits your visit to Sirmilik!

Activites and experiences