A High Arctic landscape boasting abundant populations of diverse wildlife, Sirmilik is relatively easy-access Arctic. Though ice-fields can be traversed, mountains scaled and waterways paddled by experienced adventurers, the park also welcomes day-hikers to explore cultural sites and hoodoos. And a comfortable, multi-day floe edge trip across frozen seas is an unforgettable guided trip of a lifetime for anyone to enjoy.

Mountain Travel in Sirmilik National Park


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  • walruses at the floe edge

    ​An Arctic wildlife safari to the floe edge on Baffin Bay

    Ride a snowmobile-pulled qamutiq (sled) across Eclipse Sound to the edge of the frozen ocean to watch whales, seals, polar bears and seabirds feast, then camp on the ice under the Midnight Sun.

  • a visitor hiking among the hoodoos in Sirmilik National Park

    ​Hike among glaciers and hoodoos on Bylot Island

    Bylot Island is spectacular Arctic wilderness, perfect for trail-less backcountry trekking and day hiking among Sirmilik’s wildlife. See hoodoo rock towers and get up close to the island’s many massive rivers of ice.

  • a kayaker paddles a sea kayak in Oliver Sound

    ​Sea Kayak Oliver Sound

    Paddle into Sirmilik’s Oliver Sound, an Arctic fiord ending at Oliver Glacier, as whales and seals swim the dark blue waters. Hike and camp amid tundra wilderness under the Midnight Sun.

  • a man dressed in traditional Inuit clothing prepares for a snowmobile trip

    ​Take an icy day-trip to Bylot Island by snowmobile in spring

    Daytrip on a snowmobile or dogsled from Pond Inlet to Sirmilik’s Bylot Island across frozen Eclipse Sound. Experience early spring in the Arctic, getting up close to glaciers and hoodoos.

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