Resolute Bay is the nearest commercial airline access point with flights from Iqaluit.You may wish to make a side trip to the picturesque community of Grise Fiord, Canada’s most northerly community. It is about 360 km northeast of Resolute Bay on the southern shore of Ellesmere Island.

Resolute Bay accommodations

Narwhal Hotel
Resolute Bay
Phone: 867-252-3968
Fax: 867-252-3960

Qausuittuq Inns North
Resolute Bay
Phone: 867-252-3900 / 3901
Fax: 867-252-3766

South Camp Inn
Resolute Bay
Phone: 867-252-3737
Fax: 867-252-3838

Grise Fiord accommodations

Grise Fiord Lodge
Grise Fiord
Phone: 867-980-9913
Fax: 867-980-9954