For serious wilderness adventurers, Quttinirpaaq National Park offers the rarest of opportunities: the chance to explore a 37 775 km2 arctic landscape without a single developed trail. In the summer months, the sun shines 24 hours a day and you may camp anywhere you like, except at archaeological sites.

Select campsites in durable locations where signs of your occupation will be minimized, such as areas with little or no vegetation. Avoid camping near potential wildlife habitat such as sedge meadows. Appropriate site selection is especially vital for base camps or if you are traveling in a large group.

Camping equipment should be lightweight and durable, and able to withstand harsh conditions such as cold weather and strong winds. As fires are not allowed, backcountry campers will have to carry white gas (or naptha) and portable stoves. White gas may be purchased in Resolute Bay, but visitors should phone the suppliers ahead of time to ensure that it is in stock. On commercial airlines, white gas can only be transported as a dangerous good. Contact the airline you plan to travel on for further information.