RMM Recommendations: 4, 5, and 9

Lead Jurisdiction: Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

Existing Processes

Existing authorities and processes are in place to inform the development of the Action Plan when it comes to environmental assessment and the consideration of world heritage values. The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) will lead the contributions to the draft Action Plan on these themes, including the assessment of the proposed Teck Frontier oil sands mine and the review and implementation of legislation.

Although the environmental assessment and decision making related to the Site C proposal for a hydroelectric dam has concluded, Recommendation 4 is included in the Thematic Area of environmental assessment because the recommendation applies to any other hydro developments that could be proposed and may impact the world heritage values of WBNP. Recommendation 8 related to the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) was addressed when Parks Canada completed the SEA in May. The recommendations from the SEA were structured to align with the RMM recommendations and are being considered in development of the Action Plan. For more information, see our SEA page.


Interested parties have been invited by CEAA to participate in the review of federal legislation on environmental assessment, and for the assessment of projects CEAA has well established processes for the participation of Indigenous groups and stakeholders.

As the Terms of Reference for the assessment of the Teck Frontier project were expanded to include potential impacts to the world heritage values, all 11 Indigenous groups that work with Wood Buffalo National Park have been engaged in that review process.

For more information

Additional information of CEAA processes and projects is available on the CEAA Registry.