RMM Recommendations: 3 and 7

Convened by: Environment and Climate Change Canada

New Multi-jurisdiction Process

Related to environmental changes that have been observed in the Peace and Athabasca Rivers and the Peace-Athabasca Delta, water levels (and the connections to ice, flooding, vegetation, birds, animals and Aboriginal rights) were a focus of the Strategic Environmental Assessment. Water has been identified as a multi-jurisdictional issue for which new partnerships are required for the Action Plan.

ECCC is leading a process to convene government and Indigenous partners and their technical advisors to form a working group that will support development of the draft Action Plan related to environmental flows and hydrology. Contributions are expected from science experts and holders of traditional knowledge.


An initial meeting of approximately 50 representatives from FPT partners and Indigenous groups that work with WBNP was held in Edmonton on April 10-11th, 2018. Based on guidance from that workshop, ECCC is chairing a technical working group to develop the plan of work on hydrology and environmental flows through a series of meetings through May to September 2018.