RMM Recommendations: 1 and 13, 12, 14

Lead Jurisdiction: Parks Canada (Wood Buffalo National Park)

Existing Process

Parks Canada has the responsibility for recommendations on partnerships, cooperative management, park management and training. Existing processes and relationships are in place to continue developing the partnerships that Indigenous groups have with WBNP. Discussions will influence the how Indigenous groups participate in management decisions about the park. Relationships with Indigenous partners are an ongoing, long-term priority for Parks Canada.


The 11 Indigenous groups that regularly work with WBNP will continue to be engaged in ongoing efforts to improve relationships for park management. This will include working through (and revising) the park’s Cooperative Management Committee, as well as bi-lateral engagement with all partners.

All of the Indigenous groups that work with WBNP also have opportunities to inform the overall Action Plan, and to be engaged on other Thematic Areas that support the Action Plan. An initial meeting to review these recommendations was held May 2-3, 2018 and follow-up meetings are continuing.

For more information

Background on the Cultural History of Wood Buffalo National Park and the park’s relationship with Indigenous peoples is available here.

Information on Parks Canada’s approach to working with Indigenous partners, including its guidance document Promising Pathways, is available here.