RMM Recommendations: 15, 16

Lead Jurisdictions: Environment and Climate Change Canada (Canadian Wildlife Service)

Existing Processes

As species listed under the federal Species at Risk Act (SARA), the recommendations related to Bison and Whooping Crane are aligned with existing processes of recovery planning under the SARA. ECCC is also leading an Imminent Threat Assessment process related to the Ronald Lake Bison Herd.

As wildlife management generally falls within the mandate of provinces and territories, Alberta also leads processes related to bison management, including the Ronald Lake Herd Technical Team.


Recovery planning processes under the SARA have requirements for the inclusion of Indigenous traditional knowledge and for cooperation and consultation with other governments, Indigenous organizations and other affected and interested parties.

Alberta also has existing processes with which Indigenous groups and stakeholders are engaged related to bison.

Additional opportunities to influence the overall development of the Action Plan are available through Parks Canada.

For more information

Federal - Information related to the federal Species at Risk Act.

Alberta - Information related to Wood Bison in Alberta.