RMM Recommendations: 10 and 11 (buffer zones)

Lead Jurisdictions: Province of Alberta
Government of Northwest Territories

Existing Processes

Alberta and the Northwest Territories have the mandate for protected areas, conservation areas and stewardship areas adjacent to WBNP. Indigenous groups also manage adjacent lands in forestry tenures. Land use planning processes led by these jurisdictions will be used to develop the draft Action Plan. It is expected that the Pathway to Canada Target 1 process will also provide opportunities to inform the Action Plan.


The input of Indigenous groups and stakeholders involved with land-use planning processes led by Alberta and NWT will help shape the draft Action Plan.

In addition to their direct involvement with the responsible jurisdictions, interested parties can also contact Parks Canada for more information on development of the Action Plan.

For more information

Alberta - Information on processes related to Alberta Parks, Regional Plans, and the Lower Athabasca Regional Plan.

NWT - Information on Conservation Networks in NWT.