The World Heritage Committee and the federal, provincial and territorial governments recognize that meaningful involvement of affected right-holders and stakeholders is critical to the development and implementation of the Action Plan.

Parks Canada works regularly with 11 Indigenous groups that share territories and exercise Treaty and Aboriginal rights within WBNP. Through the Reactive Monitoring Mission, the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), WBNP operations and other processes, these groups have been making contributions to the Action Plan.

Other Indigenous groups and stakeholders have also participated in the SEA and received information on the Action Plan directly from Parks Canada, and through the related processes of other government partners.

Additional information on development of the Action Plan is available here.

Review of the Draft Action Plan

Following collaboration with government and Indigenous partners on development of the Action Plan, a draft plan was released for stakeholder and public review from November 19 to December 10, 2018. The draft Action Plan was e-mailed directly to all known partners and stakeholders that had previously expressed interest in the RMM, SEA and Action Plan.

The final version of the Action Plan is due to the World Heritage Committee on February 1, 2019.

Parks Canada and its partners are appreciative of all those who provided comment on the draft Action Plan, either directly to Parks Canada, or through related initiatives of other government contributors. Receiving input that reflected a broad range of interests has been helpful to the development of the Action Plan.

Related Processes

Where recommendations are being addressed through existing processes led by relevant authorities, Indigenous and stakeholder involvement will continue to be implemented by those jurisdictions.

Additional detail is provided on the web pages for each of the Thematic Areas.

More Information

The Action Plan responds to the RMM recommendations and builds on the findings of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) completed in May 2018. For additional information on the SEA, RMM, and the world heritage values of Wood Buffalo National Park, please refer to our SEA page and newsletters.

For additional information on the Action Plan, please contact