Fishing scene
Enjoying the solitude

A National Park fishing permit is required. Permits may be purchased at the Visitor Reception Centre in Fort Smith or Fort Chipewyan.

The fishing season in Wood Buffalo National Park is from Victoria Day in May to October 15.

Fishing is generally poor in Wood Buffalo National Park. The shallow, muddy lakes are not good habitat for fish and many of the deeper karst lakes, which are fed from groundwater springs, do not have the inflow or outflow channels which fish need for spawning. Whitefish, northern pike, walleye and goldeye are found in moderate numbers in the large rivers of the Park, although the muddy and silty waters make fishing difficult.

Daily Catch and Possession Limit and Overall Length
(where applicable):

Grayling: 5

Whitefish: 5

Northern Pike: 5

Goldeye: 5

Walleye: 3, none under 43 cm in length.