Winter Driving Alert:

Watch for bison on roads in Wood Buffalo National Park

Fort Smith, Northwest Territories, November 20, 2019 – Bison are active on and along the roads in Wood Buffalo National Park during the winter months. Visitors are reminded to exercise caution when driving in low light, in snowy or icy road conditions or at night within the park.

The following tips will enable visitors to safely enjoy bison encounters:

  • Drive slowly and bison will move out of the way.
  • Roads can be icy and stopping distances greater during the winter months. Adjust your speed accordingly.
  • Do not honk, become impatient or drive aggressively. Attacks on vehicles are rare but can happen.
  • Stop and view bison from a distance only if safe to do so. Stay in your vehicle at all times.
  • Please report any injured or dead animals to the Parks Canada Duty Officer at 1-867-872-0404.

Help us protect visitors, travelers and the wildlife that make the park their home. Drive safely as you enjoy the wintertime beauty of Wood Buffalo National Park.



    Tim Gauthier
    A/External Relations Manager
    Southwest NWT Field Unit
    Parks Canada
    (867) 872-0107